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With giving to denomination-wide ministries varying widely, collections seem to indicate conferences are paying at the rates in the proposed general church budget heading to General Conference next year. However, with General Conference delayed, that proposed budget is not in effect. Image by Steve Buissinne, courtesy of Pixabay.

General Agencies

Finance board gets update on giving, reserves

U.S. giving to United Methodist ministries was lower in early 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. However, collection rates varied widely among church funds.

The three European central conferences of The United Methodist Church covering 32 countries and 10 time zones are making plans for a proposed denomination-wide split. Four bishops (clockwise from top left), Edward Khegay, Christian Alsted, Harald Rückert and Patrick Streiff, have drafted next steps should a separation plan win General Conference approval. Image courtesy of the bishops.

General Church

Europeans make plans for separation

Under a proposed separation plan, some European churchgoers expect to remain with The United Methodist Church while others join a new traditionalist denomination.


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