Mission and Ministry
Members of Capital City Christian Church in Frankfort, Kentucky, celebrate the congregation’s campaign to eliminate the medical debts of some of their neighbors in partnership with RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit based in Long Island, New York. Like Capital City, United Methodist churches in Michigan, Tennessee and Nebraska have staged successful medical bill forgiveness campaigns. Photo courtesy of Capital City Christian Church.

Churches help pay off medical debt

The fundraising campaigns of several United Methodist congregations have led to millions in medical debt forgiveness through RIP Medical Debt.
Mission and Ministry
Neighborly’s "Welcome Party" volunteers create signs that say “welcome” in Arabic, Pashto and Dari, to use at airport pickups when refugees from Afghanistan and Syria first arrive to Tallahassee, Florida. James Barnett is seated at right rear. Photo courtesy of Kristin Barnett.

Encounter at a Nicaraguan dump proves life-changing

Reading Scripture with fresh eyes, James Barnett decided to leave a lucrative career and minister with his homeless neighbors.
Church Leadership
The Rev. D.G. Hollums. Photo courtesy of the author.

Is this a time for innovation within The United Methodist Church?

Taking an example from how director George Lucas’ vision helped revolutionize the film industry, the Rev. D.G. Hollums asks whether a pending split is an opportunity to reimagine the denomination.
Mission and Ministry
The Rev. Collins Etchi Ako, a United Methodist missionary serving in Congo, talks about some of the challenges he faces in his ministry. Ako visited Nashville in April. Photo by Mike DuBose, UM News.

Wesley’s words inspire Congo missionary

The Rev. Collins Etchi Ako spells out some of the hardships he is up against in his work in Africa.

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