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The Revs. Joel Hortiales (center, in blue blazer) and David Farley (to Hortiales' right) join parishioners of the Border Church in Tijuana, Mexico, as they lift their arms skyward beneath the fence that marks the border with the U.S.

God’s grace flows freely over wall between nations

The Methodist Church of Mexico and The United Methodist Church in the U.S. share communion each Sunday on beach divided by a border wall.
General Conference
The Rules Committee of the Commission on General Conference discusses plans for one legislative committee at the 2019 special session. From left are Stephanie Henry, chair of the Rules Committee; commission members Audun Westad and Stanislas Kassongo, and translator Isabelle Berger. The commission met Oct. Oct. 3-5 at Epworth by the Sea in St. Simons, Ga. Photo by Heather Hahn, UMNS.

Plan approved for GC2019 decision-making

The Commission on General Conference has decided on a process to help delegates do the legislative work together.
Human Rights
Pianist Anna Petrova (second from left) and Molly Carr (right), perform during a concert in New York to mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and highlight their “Novel Voices” project. Photo by Ramon Leonardo Cabrera/GFDD.

Pianist, violist seek out ‘Novel Voices’

United Methodist connections help musical duo realize a project that helps refugees and highlight human rights at U.N.-related concert.


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