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General Church
A diverse group of bishops and other United Methodist leaders gather for a group photo in 2019 after reaching agreement on a proposal that would maintain The United Methodist Church but allow traditionalist congregations to separate into a new denomination. More than a quarter of that team have now rescinded their support for the agreement in its entirety, saying it no longer offers an adequate path forward for The United Methodist Church. Photo courtesy of the Protocol Mediation Team.

Protocol’s day has passed, some negotiators say

Based on discussions with General Conference delegates and other United Methodists, five of the 16 leaders who negotiated a denominational separation agreement say they “can no longer, in good faith, support” the proposal.
UM News is the official news gathering agency of the 13-million member United Methodist Church. Map courtesy of Pixabay; graphic by UM News.

The church in Europe stands together

At its most recent meeting, the German United Methodist Church executive committee discussed ways that European United Methodist congregations can help in the face of the Ukrainian war.
General Church
United Methodist Bishop Patrick Streiff (right) leads the March 31 session of the Bulgaria-Romania Provisional Annual Conference, with help from the Rev. Margarita Todorova, interpreter, and the Rev. Tsvetan Iliev, conference secretary. Later in the four-day meeting, conference members voted unanimously to leave The United Methodist Church for the new, traditionalist Global Methodist Church, which begins operations May 1. Photo courtesy of the Bulgaria-Romania Conference.

Bulgaria-Romania United Methodists vote to leave

In a process objected to by their bishop, members of the Bulgaria-Romania Provisional Annual Conference voted unanimously to disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church and join the Global Methodist Church.
General Church
The three European central conferences of The United Methodist Church covering 32 countries and 10 time zones are making plans for a proposed denomination-wide split. Four bishops (clockwise from top left), Edward Khegay, Christian Alsted, Harald Rückert and Patrick Streiff, have drafted next steps should a separation plan win General Conference approval. Image courtesy of the bishops.

Europeans make plans for separation

Under a proposed separation plan, some European churchgoers expect to remain with The United Methodist Church while others join a new traditionalist denomination.

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