Daily Digest - June 1, 2020

“It was difficult to hear George Floyd gasping for breath. It was painful and horrific to watch. Breath is a gift and is precious and sacred.” — The Rev. Judy Zabel, pastor of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, Minneapolis, in her sermon after protests against police brutality and violence against people of color. 


United Methodists protest, preach, decry racism 

MINNEAPOLIS (UM News) — In response to hundreds of protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, a black man who took his last breath under the knee of a police officer, United Methodist pastors preached about the hallowed breath of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday. The demonstrations across the U.S., which focused on police brutality and violence against people of color, sometimes erupted in violence. UM News staff reports. 
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Collection rates plunge as COVID-19 rises
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UM News) — Giving to support general church ministries plummeted in April as the denomination focused on slowing the disease and supporting local churches. Heather Hahn reports on the latest General Council on Finance and Administration meeting.
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South Carolina Conference
Laywoman steps up online ministry efforts

PICKENS, S.C. — Toni Roberts Norris Taylor has a passion for Christ and helping other people and churches be all that God is calling them to be. When the COVID-19 lockdown forced churches and other ministries to stop meeting in person, Taylor stepped out in a new way, taking her faith online. Jessica Brodie has the story.
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Holston Conference
Chocolate gravy: Camp memories are made of this

ALCOA, Tenn. — To keep people safe from the coronavirus, the Holston Conference’s five United Methodist camps have canceled their summer session. But wait! You can still try this camp staple at home. Annette Spence shares how.
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UM News includes in the Daily Digest various commentaries about issues in the denomination. The opinion pieces reflect a variety of viewpoints and are the opinions of the writers, not the UM News staff.

The risk the white church must take to address racism
MACON, Ga. (UM News) — “The single greatest obstacle for the white church’s response to racism isn’t silence, it’s being lukewarm. It’s being shallow and timid in how we address racism in the church,” writes the Rev. Eric Mayle, minister of community justice at Centenary United Methodist Church. He said it’s time to talk about the systems of oppression that produce the incidents making headlines today.
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United Methodist Communications
Understanding the safety of online giving

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — News reports about security leaks and identity theft can make many people hesitant to participate in online giving. Churches can help members confront their concerns and, once addressed, members will understand how easy it is to support church ministry efforts. The Rev. Jeremy Steele offers some tips.
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Preaching can highlight climate crisis

Chance meeting leads to understanding about reparations


Monday, June 8-Friday, June 19 

Online class: Finding Serenity

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