Daily Digest - June 12, 2019

"Five years ago, relations between Ireland and Britain were the best they've been in hundreds of years. Now, there are a number of fault lines running through both British and Irish society." — The Rev. Gary Mason, Irish Methodist peacebuilder.


Brexit threatens longtime peace in Northern Ireland
BELFAST, Northern Ireland (UM News) — Britain's process of withdrawing from the European Union, also known as "Brexit," threatens two decades of life-changing gains in Northern Ireland's peace process. Irish Methodists are among those raising the alarm, particularly about the threat of closing the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, writes Kathleen LaCamera.
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Nigerian church faces fine, demolition
ABUJA, Nigeria (UMNS) — Twelve months after the Abuja Area 1 United Methodist Church in Nigeria met federal regulations on construction, the church is facing yet another stiff penalty that includes demolition if the next stage is not completed on time. E Julu Swen has the story.
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Great Plains Conference
Working to fill void left by record number of retirees

TOPEKA, Kan. — With a record number of retirees this year — more than 55 — the Great Plains Conference has worked to fill the vacancies in several ways. Among them is a new influx of international pastors. David Burke reports.
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New England Conference
Parish consultants help church 'right-size'

NORWELL, Mass. — When Church Hill United Methodist Church began trying to redefine itself and grow, the congregation turned to the New England Conference's parish consultants. They are a team of clergy and laity with expertise to come alongside churches and help them with things like leadership development and church revitalization. The conference has the story.
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Religion News Service
North Carolina church opens doors to needle exchange

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Green Street United Methodist Church agreed to provide space for a harm reduction program that provides clean needles and other supplies for drug users, while also offering confidential testing for hepatitis C and HIV. It's part of a larger effort to get churches to help confront the state's opioid epidemic. Yonat Shimron reports.
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Theologian Ogden pushed himself and his students

Church opens credit union in East Africa


Sunday, June 16

Peace with Justice Sunday

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