Daily Digest - January 2, 2020


Clergyman retires ‘under complaint’ of abuse

WORTHINGTON, Ohio (UM News) — The Rev. Donald “Bud” Heckman reached a resolution with the West Ohio Conference after facing formal accusations from four women of sexual misconduct and abuse. However, the women who filed the complaint expressed concern about the resolution. Heather Hahn reports.
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Florida Conference
Church extends from tattoo parlor to dog park

WILDWOOD, Fla. — Wildwood United Methodist Church aims to bring Jesus to wherever people are. The result is the rise of new Christian communities in places as varied as a tattoo parlor, burrito restaurant and dog park. Eileen Spiegler has the story. 
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South Carolina Conference
Music minister starts food ministry

DARLINGTON, S.C. — Herb Thompson spent two decades in music ministry before switching to feeding people based on his background in the restaurant business. Now his team delivers 85 meals a week with help from two Timmonsville churches. Jessica Brodie reports.
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World Council of Churches
Take action on climate now, says WCC head

GENEVA — Expressing urgent concern over the world’s climate emergency, the top executive of the World Council of Churches has called upon churches and individuals everywhere to take action now. “In fact, our futures, the well-being of our common home, and the very existence of our species are at risk,” writes the Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit in a pastoral letter. “The call to our churches and ourselves could not be clearer; and our unity, solidarity, and determination have never been more needed by the world.”
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2019: Remembering church newsmakers

Special general conference tops the news in 2019


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