Daily Digest - April 8, 2019

“We accept the tragedy, and we believe we have the capacity to rise from these ashes. By God’s grace we shall come up with the same structure or even better.”The Rev. Joseph Chimberengwa, on the fire at United Methodist Hartzell High School in Zimbabwe.


Fire destroys part of United Methodist school

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (UMNS) — Fire destroyed the junior block at Hartzell High School, a United Methodist school at Old Mutare Mission, leaving hundreds of students with no classrooms. The blaze also gutted the storage area that houses the school’s textbooks and two specialty classrooms with more than 30 sewing machines and stoves. Priscilla Muzerengwa and Eveline Chikwanah report. 
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Global church wrestles with post-GC2019 pain
MANILA, Philippines (UMNS) — United Methodists took time out of a joint international meeting to discuss the fallout of special General Conference. For some, it casts doubt on the future of a global church. Heather Hahn reports.
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Holston Conference
United Methodists welcome female Scouts BSA troop 

CLEVELAND, Tenn. — It’s not easy being one of the first female Scouts BSA troops. But the six girls who formed Troop 1010, sponsored by Broad Street United Methodist Church, didn’t let the naysayers or their lack of experience keep them from making an impression at their first scouting event. Annette Spence has the story.
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Greater New Jersey Conference 
Retired Bishop Cho receives pastoral appointment

NEPTUNE, N.J. (UMNS) — Greater New Jersey Bishop John Schol and the cabinet announced the appointment of Bishop Young Jin Cho to Calvary Korean United Methodist Church in East Brunswick. Calvary Korean is one of the conference’s flagship churches and among the 25 fastest growing United Methodist churches in the U.S. Cho was the first Korean-American elected to the episcopacy in the Southeastern Jurisdiction, where he led the Virginia Conference from 2012 until he retired in 2016. Josh Kinney reports.
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General Council on Finance and Administration
Judicial Council receives grant for operations

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The General Council on Finance and Administration board voted to grant $120,000 to the Judicial Council, the denomination’s top court. The funds from the General Administration Contingency Fund are meant to help with operations funding, including the Judicial Council’s special meeting to coincide with the 2019 General Conference. 
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World Council of Churches
South Sudan Council of Churches launches peace website

GENEVA — A new website created by the South Sudan Council of Churches aims to encourage embracing peace. Acknowledging the church’s role as a peacemaker, the site offers hope that all South Sudanese can put aside the region’s turbulent past and forgive one another.
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Groups approve plan to divvy up slashed budget

Zimbabwe farming project empowers women, girls


Friday, April 19-Sunday, April 21 

Easter at Lake Junaluska

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