Recursos y oportunidades para jóvenes de su iglesia

Global Mission Fellows program is a two-year leadership development and mission service opportunity that allows young adults ages 20 through 30 to take part in mission and social justice ministries in both GMF International (young adults from across the world, serving in another country or placement site around the world) and GMF US-2 (young people from the US, serving within the US). These young adults are trained together and are invited to serve in a ministry of presence and solidarity with a new host community. Married couple are able to serve as GMF, given that both of them apply and get accepted as individuals, and a placement match is available. GMF International deadline is Feb 15, 2016, GMF US-2 deadline is March 31, 2016.

The Core Values of the GT Global Mission Fellows Program

Engage with Local Communities

Connect the Church in Mission

Grow in Personal and Social Holiness


US-2 participants are assigned to work sites in different Affiliates, which are partner entities of Global Ministries, anywhere in the United States where Global Ministries has partnerships.  Some US-2’s are sent alone and others are sent in pairs to work under our affiliate model. The affiliate model allows the US-2 to live in intentional community with members of their cohort while working at various sites that hone their gifts and areas of expertise.  

Since service in the United States allows for flexibility in travel in contrast to GMFs International, US-2s have a unique opportunity to promote the program within their local communities and at various events across the country as designated by Global Ministries.  

GMF International

The International track is for young adults all across the globe that are called to serve.

24-month service program:        

-2 month of training and transition

-20 months of international service

-2 months of an optional integration (GMF  International will have the opportunity to transition back into their home country by working with a Project, Training, Fellow-In-Residence, or Itinerate for Global Ministries)


  • Young adults ages 20-30
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent life experience
  • Commit to 2 years of service
  • Serve “with” and not “to” or “for” others
  • Called to address roots of injustice
  • Conversational English


  • Five weeks of Training (3 weeks before service, 1 week after one year of service, and 1 week at the end of service)
  • Health and Travel Insurance
  • Each GMF is required to raise $6,000 (those from the US) or an equivalent amount adjusted standard living of his/her home country (those from international)
  • Ongoing Programmatic Support


  • Stipend - based on the principles of simple living - that covers toiletries, food, and basic personal items. (On average, this is about $450-$770 per month, but it differs from location according to the cost of living)
  • Housing and Utilities
  • Local Transportation
  • Relocation Costs
  • Funds to itinerate at churches
  • End of Service Award


Many Global Mission Fellows have been able to defer loans during service.  Please contact your lender institution to obtain forms and information.


If you’re considering theological school, several scholarships are available for Master’s students who have completed this program, as well as application fee waivers.

For more information, contact or or visit our webpage at


Iglesia Local
Los/as delegados/as, la Revda. Jessica LaGrone y Oscar Garza discuten la legislación durante la Conferencia General 2019. Foto de Brant Mills, cortesía de la Conferencia Anual de Tejas.

Oscal L. Garza una lección de esperanza

Mientras se desempeñaba como delegado laico en la Conferencia General de 2012, Oscar L. Garza, de la Iglesia Metodista Unida Cypress Trails en Spring, estado de Tejas, recibió la noticia de que el cáncer de ovario de su esposa había regresado.
Temas Sociales
Ramiro Ramírez tocó la campana en la Iglesia Metodista Unida de Jackson Chapel en San Juan, Tejas. La familia de Ramírez donó el terreno para la iglesia, que se estableció en 1874. El muro fronterizo propuesto por el presidente Trump está programado para que atraviese la propiedad de la iglesia, incluido su cementerio histórico. Foto por Mike DuBose, SMUN.

El muro fronterizo podría destruir parte de iglesia metodista hispana de valor histórico

El muro fronterizo propuesto por el presidente Donald Trump podría destruir una parte de la historia metodista y perturbar los cementerios sagrados en esta pequeña zona rural, a solo una milla del Río Bravo.
Temas Sociales

Líder laica metodista hispana asesinada en masacre en Florida

La comunidad metodista unida en el centro de la Florida está de luto, por la absurda muerta de una de muy querida hermana de la Iglesia Metodista Unida (IMU) Nuevo Pacto, un banco local del condado de Highlands.