Daily Digest - January 8, 2020

"To receive the help of a mediator with Mr. Feinberg's experience on a pro bono basis is a sign that God is making a gracious provision to The United Methodist Church." — The Rev. Tom Berlin, describing Kenneth Feinberg's role in talks leading to a separation plan for The United Methodist Church.


Feinberg kept United Methodist negotiators at table
WASHINGTON (UM News) — Famed mediator Kenneth Feinberg described as a "labor of love" his work helping a diverse team of United Methodist leaders come up with a "Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation." The plan, which requires General Conference approval, foresees breaking the denomination's impasse over homosexuality by traditionalist churches departing to form a new denomination. Feinberg and fellow lawyers Richard Godfrey and Wendy Bloom spoke to Sam Hodges about their role in the talks.
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Reaction aplenty to separation plan
Jan. 13 livestream event with negotiation team

Church helps war-displaced families in East Congo
LUBUTU, Congo (UM News) — With a $100,000 grant provided by the United Methodist Committee on Relief, the disaster management office in Eastern Congo distributed more than 200,000 pounds of food to nearly 6,000 people who fled violence in the region. Chadrack Tambwe Londe reports.
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Global Ministries
Hearing stories of despair, hope in Tijuana

ATLANTA — Yabes Manokaran, from Tamilnadu, India, and Eric Agron, from the Philippines, have been working as Global Mission Fellows in Tijuana, Mexico. In this key location, where migrants seek relief, wait for justice and face deportation, they have heard a lifetime of stories from desperate people hanging onto hope. Christie R. House has the story.
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Arkansas Conference
Church delights with Seniors Day Out

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Every Thursday, Trinity United Methodist Church hosts a social event for older citizens where they can eat, play games and socialize with others their age. Organizers say the ministry shows how people can still be young at heart. Sam Pierce has the story.
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United Methodist Insurance
Revising insurance standards for churches

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The United Methodist Insurance Program has announced revised minimum insurance requirements for local church property coverage. The General Council on Finance and Administration board approved the revisions in November.
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Resistance to Traditional Plan accelerates

Taking church archives from hi-fi to Wi-Fi


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Online course: Caring With Compassion — First Responders and Their Families

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