Daily Digest - August 5, 2020

"This pandemic could cut the world's population down by a 10th. If that is not serious to anybody that is walking around, then they are not alive." — Donald Alcendor, Meharry Medical College associate professor of microbiology and immunology, who is working on an antiviral drug to treat COVID-19.


Meharry faces off with COVID-19
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UM News) — From testing to research to serving on the front lines, Meharry Medical College doctors, students and alumni are fighting to overcome the global pandemic. Meharry is a historically Black medical school related to The United Methodist Church. Kathy L. Gilbert reports and Mike DuBose has the photos.
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Michigan Conference, Ask The UMC
What would Wesley think about today's issues?

LANSING, Mich. — The Rev. Glenn M. Wagner of the Michigan Conference ponders what advice John Wesley, Methodism's founder, might offer to United Methodists about the serious challenges of our time, including systemic racism, violence and a deadly pandemic impacting worship and singing.
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Holston Conference
Connecting with seniors through cupcakes

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — Every July, Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church has put on a fancy dinner for members ages 75 and older. With that not possible this year, the church found a way to overcome COVID-19 isolation with a cupcake connection. Annette Spence has the story.
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UM News includes in the Daily Digest various commentaries about issues in the denomination. The opinion pieces reflect a variety of viewpoints and are the opinions of the writers, not the UM News staff.

Korean peninsula and 'Amazing Grace with Peace'
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (UM News) — As the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War approaches, a high school student writes about her grandfather's longing to meet his family in North Korea and how that inspires her to work for the peace movement. Minju Cindy Oh tells the story of her grandfather's long separation from his family.
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United Methodist Men
Coping with 'disaster fatigue'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Five months of living in the coronavirus pandemic, with no end in sight, can wear on anyone. Early in a disaster, people pull together in unity, but as time goes on those positive feelings often give way to cynicism and discouragement. The Rev. Rick Vance, director of the Center for Men's Ministries for the Commission on United Methodist Men, offers some tips for combating disaster fatigue.
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Churches weigh options to reach seniors

Dangerous combination: Virus, poverty, immigration


Monday, Aug. 10-Friday, Sept. 4

Online course: Photography as ministry

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