Daily Digest - March 26, 2019

"My commitment to a fully inclusive church will not waver going forward."The Rev. Mitchell Boone, responding to passage of the Traditional Plan by General Conference 2019.


Resistance to GC2019 spreads
DALLAS (UMNS) — Resistance continues to the passage of the Traditional Plan at the recent United Methodist General Conference. It’s taking different forms and drawing in people who haven’t spoken out before. Sam Hodges reports.
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'We thank God because we are alive'
MAPUTO, Mozambique (UMNS) — United Methodists gathered at an ecumenical service to support cyclone survivors as relief efforts ramped up in the hardest-hit areas of Mozambique. Joao Filimone Sambo reports.
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Ask The UMC
What is the difference between prayer and meditation?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — While different, both prayer and meditation help United Methodists become aware of God’s presence and experience deeper communion with God. Ask The UMC, a ministry of United Methodist Communications, takes a closer look at the practices.
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Board of Global Ministries
UMCOR grant assists traumatized families in Iraq

DOHUK, Iraq — Hana was 9 years old when her family fled from ISIS and ended up at Khanke Refugee Camp. She is now 13 years old and has yet to return home. The United Methodist Committee on Relief is assisting families like Hana’s through a grant to Tutapona Trauma Rehabilitation, which provides group workshops. Sara Logeman has the story.
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Disability Ministries Committee
Disability website features practical tools

DOVER, Del. — The United Methodist Disability Ministries Committee, now under the umbrella of the Council of Bishops, has launched a new website featuring practical tools and a helpful search engine. The committee also will co-sponsor legislation for General Conference 2020 with the Association of Ministers with Disabilities, Mental Health Ministries, the United Methodist Congress of the Deaf and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Committee.
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'What If' the church confronted the opioid crisis?

Future uncertain for Liberians living in US


Thursday, March 28

Poet’s Corner: Honoring Mike Williams

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