Daily Digest - December 17, 2015

“Mary was faithful. Mary also understood power, as is clear in the Magnificat. She was also resourceful.” — Carol Barton of United Methodist Women.

Words of wisdom from mother Mary

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) — In accepting her role as Jesus’ mother, Mary potentially was putting her life on the line.  As the Gospels show, Mary did far more than sit silently in a peaceful Nativity tableau. She defied the social expectations of her day. Heather Hahn reports on the lessons she offers today’s Christians.
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Lessons from Joseph

When book signings become book singings

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (UMNS) — The Rev. James Howell, a prolific author as well as pastor of Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, is out with an Advent book grounded in Christmas carol texts. And when he does book signings, he sometimes sits down at the piano as well, and leads the crowd in caroling. Sam Hodges reports.
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Filipino kids mobilize for climate justice

CABANATUAN CITY, Philippines (UMNS) — As the U.N. climate change convention came to an end in Paris, some 200 children rallied for Mother Earth in the Philippines. Representing 13 local United Methodist churches, the children, ages 5 to 12, learned about global warming and made pledges for action at the Dec. 12 Christmas rally. Gladys Mangiduyos reports.
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Church leaders welcome landmark climate agreement

PARIS (WCC) — Global church leaders have welcomed the landmark Paris climate agreement for taking into account the immediate needs of poor countries most severely affected by extreme weather. Church leaders also stressed the critical role churches and faith-based organizations played in the process leading up to Paris and pushed for implementation, the World Council of Churches reports.
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Many voices back historic accord

Winter help for refugees in Iran

QOM, Iran (UMNS) — As winter overtakes Iran, refugees there from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan face the rigors of sub-zero temperatures. The United Methodist Committee on Relief is working with Community World Service-Asia to prepare the refugees for the winter cold. The holy city of Qom, south of Iran’s capital, Tehran, has proved to be a magnet for thousands of refugee families. David Tereshchuk reports for UMCOR.
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