Daily Digest - August 28, 2019

"Sometimes, we don't have enough people to help. Then, the Lord just brings people in and they start to help each other. That's what we are here for, to help each other." — Marie Sensibaugh, member of Billy Hooton United Methodist Church, on the church's monthly food pantry.


Native ministry provides 3 decades of food security
OKLAHOMA CITY (UM News) — On the third Saturday every month, a handwritten note on Billy Hooton United Methodist Church's front sign reads, "Food Pantry today." The locals, who arrived early on Aug. 24, already know what day it is. Ginny Underwood has more on the Native American church's food bank ministry, which began nearly 30 years ago.
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Minnesota Conference
Debt-reduction grants help clergy

MINNEAPOLIS — Thirty-eight clergy in the Dakotas and Minnesota conferences received $5,000 so they can reduce their student debt. The money comes from a $1 million grant from the Lilly Endowment. Christa Meland reports.
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North Texas Conference
Tutoring with a difference

DALLAS — Some disadvantaged children struggling with reading need not only tutoring, but specialized tutoring that recognizes how they learn best. Shellie Ross directs the United Methodist-supported Wesley-Rankin Community Center in West Dallas, and she forged a partnership with the June Shelton School and Evaluation Center to help kids who need something other than a phonetics-based approach.
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Arkansas Conference
Church gives boost to homeless LGBTQ youth

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — First United Methodist Church bought and restored a historic downtown building that will now get new life as home to a nonprofit that serves homeless LGBTQ youth. The executive director of the nonprofit Lucie's Place is a United Methodist elder and a native of Liberia. Caleb Hennington has the story.
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Youth camp bridges divide in tense region
SPILLE, Albania (UM News) — From the outside, the youth camp held in a coastal area of Albania may look like any other, but it brought together youth from three countries fraught with political tension and hostility. Urs Schweizer reports.
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Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
Bishop, Deaf group visit Red Bird Work Camp

BEVERLY, Ky. — Philadelphia Area Bishop Peggy A. Johnson joined a diverse group Aug. 11-17 at the United Methodist Red Bird Mission Work Camp. Among the group were 20 members of Deaf ELM — an ecumenical community of Deaf Episcopalians, Lutherans and United Methodists. Bishop Johnson wrote about the experience.
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Deaf, hard of hearing partnership at Redbird


Denman Award winners stand out as evangelists

Pittsburgh preschoolers help orphans in Zimbabwe


Saturday, Sept. 7

"Doors Open," an LGBTQ-themed musical

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