2019 East Congo Annual Conference

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Officiating bishop: Bishop Unda Yemba Gabriel

The East Congo Annual Conference received the participation opening of the political-administrative authorities of the rural municipality of Kibombo. The administrator of the Kibombo Territory wished all United Methodists to feel safe and have a good stay in his entity.

A personality who visited the East Congo Annual Conference came from the city of Kindu. This is Norbert Kipalamoto Pene Wawo, a United Methodist mayor of the Mikelenge urban community in Kindu. Kipalamoto came to greet the delegates of the Annual Conference of the Eastern Congo and recommended that they really use these bases to evaluate the activities of the conference, to plan new activities so that the work of God can advance in order to save lost souls.
The East Congo Annual Conference was attended by Professor Jacqueline Luhahi from New York. Luhahi is coordinator of preparations for the United Methodist Centennial Activities in East Congo. The commemoration of the centenary activities is indeed planned in 2022 in the Tunda District, where the first missionaries from the U.S. managed to implant the church in 1922. In his progress report on the preparations for these activities, Luhahi presented the following points, which form the core of our activities namely:
a. Redevelopment of the airplane runway to at least 1300 meters in length;
b. Rehabilitation of the guest houses, by renewing the sheets and raising the collapsed walls;
c. Livestock (pigs, goats, sheep and poultry);
d. The cultivation of rice fields, maize, cassava, bananas, etc .;
e. The rehabilitation of the Kibombo-Lomami highway, which will be developed and supported by the Provincial Government.

She announced the construction of the Centennial Village. A call was made to anyone who has the means to build a house in the Centennial Village of Tunda. The names of the sponsors will be associated with these houses. There are already a few families who have chosen this option. For example, Professor Luhahi dad Niama Luhahi, Professors Jacqueline Lumumba and Albert Lumumba (Lumumba couple), and Ashema Ngolo (USA) expressed their interest in starting to build their homes in the Centennial Village.

Main actions enacted by the conference:

  1. During the Annual Conference, the faithful decided to buy a vehicle to transport the delegates whenever necessary. The idea of buying a vehicle came from the preaching done by Rev. Kombe Lokonga. She preached under the subject "What idea do you have for the development of your church?" Readings came from the books of Philippians 4: 7-9 and Acts 2: 43-47. After the collections were made, the delegates managed to raise more than $11,500 to reach $25,000 for the purchase of a high-capacity vehicle.
  2. Delegates assessed the contribution of $1 by the faithful of the Annual Conference of Congo East. This is an initiative launched last year. The delegates decided once again to keep the funds collected until they will make enough money to buy yet other means of transportation;
  3. The women who are supervised by the Mama Lynn Center have carried out various activities including literacy training in French, English and Swahili, sewing, making baskets and culinary service.
  4. In relation to human sexuality, the delegates to the East Congo Annual Conference rejected same-sex marriage prônent pour l’unité de l’église and asked pastors to multiply the teachings so that they can bring more people to Jesus and make disciples of Christ.
  5. The delegates recommend to the church to respect the genre of marriage since it was created by God who, at the beginning, distinguishes two beings: the man and the woman, while remaining in prayer for the unity of the church en considérant tout être humain comme créature originale de Dieu. However, the delegates of the East Congo Annual Conference resolved to adopt a convenient attitude toward our brothers and sisters. In addition, the speakers expressed their concern for the sacred unity of our United Methodist Church at the universal level;
  6. Delegates voted on the delegates to General Conference 2020 and the Central Conference of Congo 2020.

Resolutions adopted by the conference:

  • Delegates of the East Congo Annual Conference reaffirmed their rejection of same-sex marriage in The United Methodist Church;
  • Delegates recommended that all families and pregnant women give priority to antenatal care and to bring newborns to postnatal and preschool consultations in health centers;
  • The Annual Conference of Eastern Congo recommended to all United Methodists of the Conference to continue to contribute $1 per month per person to participate in the construction efforts of the Eastern Congo Episcopal Region;
  • The delegates of the East Congo Annual Conference recommended all agencies to cultivate fields of agricultural products;
  • With respect to church evangelism and growth, delegates resolved and commended servants to privilege home-to-house evangelism;
  • Delegates recommended all United Methodist churches at the Eastern Congo Annual Conference to proceed with reforestation by planting trees to combat global warming, following the example of the local Kitumaini church that planted the trees;
  • Delegates recommended all districts and local churches to write their stories and send to the publishing department to make it public;
  • Delegates reiterated their commitment to fighting stigma, tribalism in the church.

Number of people ordained, commissioned or received into associate membership, and average age: 16 and their average age is 25-45 years

Delegates elected for 2020 General Conference:

Clergy :


  1. Rev. Kibatuli Bununu Hilaire,

Rev. Ngondjo Bituka

  1. Rde. Kombe Djamba Hélène,

Rev. Bosenga Mombele

  1. Rev. Okende Ndjulu

Rev. Mikembe Josué

  1. Rev. Okonda Omesumbu

Rev. Shako Yungi

  1. Rev. Mahamudi Ngereza Benoit

Rde. Kombe Losale Elisabeth

  1. Rev. Ketoka Lokondo

Rev. Yuma Kilwa

  1. Rev. Ndjeka Shango
  1. Rev. Kalema Tambwe


Laity :


  1. Prof. Jacqueline Luhahi,

Dr. Yemba Unda

  1. Furaha Tshoso,

Mbeleko Kalema

  1. Chef Tunda Lukali Prosper

Lukale Senga

  1. Emile Okondji

Judith Osongo Yanga

  1. Dr. Damas Lushima

Chadrack Tambwe Londe

  1. Germain Mupasa Unda
  1. Muthoma Bushiri
  1. Marie-Claire Manafundo


Number of people retired: 4

Membership at 564,951, up from 408,654 the previous year.

Church Attendance is at 511,318, up 11,638 from the last year.

Church school attendance stands at   322,746, up 79,190  the last year ..

Professions or reaffirmations of faith for 2019    2,941 , up from    922  the last year.

Adults and young adults in small groups for 2019   583    , up from    278  the last year.

Worshippers engaged in mission for 2019   564 951  , up from    560,983   the last year.

What did your annual conference do to reinforce the Four Areas of Focus, and what commitments has the conference made for the coming year: 

1. The struggle for nature conservation and biodiversity with the cultivation of trees in our concessions and missions;

2. Construction of health structures in Ecclesiastical Districts of Tunda and Kasongo-Samba;

3. Fight against malaria in the Annual Conference of Congo East;

4. Continue awareness raising to instill peace through evangelism and cultural activities;

5. Send the youth to study theology at the Methodist University of Kindu, Zimbabwe and other countries.

Tambwe Londe, Communicateur de la Conférence Annuelle du Congo Est


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