Social Concerns
Susan Kim. Photo courtesy of the author.

Where do Korean Americans stand?

Asian Americans often confront implicit bias in questions like “Where are you really from?” Susan Sungsil Kim has crafted responses to such questions that stand up for her rights while also providing an educational opportunity to those who ask.
Social Concerns
Kendra Weddle. Photo courtesy of the author.

Let’s love our neighbors

Growing up in a traditionalist church but now on staff at a reconciling congregation, Kendra Weddle feels there is room at the table for everyone.
Clockwise from left, retired Bishop Forrest C. Stith, Bishop LaTrelle Easterling, retired Bishop Elías Galván, Ashley Boggan Dreff and Erin Hawkins join in conversation about the historical context of The United Methodist Church's anti-racism work. Dreff pointed out that multiple previous divides in Methodism cited race as a main cause. Screengrab courtesy of the Council of Bishops via Zoom by UM News.

Bishops urged to work for 'big-tent' church

In her final address as Council of Bishops president, Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey urged as much unity as possible even as a new denomination plans to launch. The bishops also heard about the history of previous denominational separations.
General Conference
Delegates sing during a 2019 worship service of the Special Session of General Conference, held in St. Louis, Mo. General Conference delegates and other church leaders have signed an open letter following General Conference’s third postponement— aiming to share a hopeful message for the continuing United Methodist Church. File photo by Paul Jeffrey for UM News.

Delegates urge hope for denomination's future

Amid talk of denominational division, more than 275 General Conference delegates and other church leaders have signed an open letter sharing their commitment to work toward strengthening The United Methodist Church.

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