Eastern Congo Episcopal Area

Social Concerns
Clergywomen receive leadership training from the Rev. Joseph Bituka during the Kivu Annual Conference in June. Photo by Judith Osongo Yanga, UMNS.

Helping trauma survivors heal in the Congo

Clergywomen learn strategies for leading, evangelizing and counseling faithful in conflict settings.
Central Conferences
Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda (right), with wife Marie Claire Unda, speaks during the 2018 East Congo Annual Conference in Kindu. Bishop Unda launched an initiative to rebuild United Methodist buildings in the Eastern Congo Episcopal Area after civil wars there destroyed many churches and other structures. Photo by Chadrack Tambwe Londe, UMNS.

Faithful help rebuild Eastern Congo Episcopal Area

Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda’s $1-per-member-per-month initiative focuses on the infrastructure of the church.
Un rassemblement de fidèles sur la place publique de Kindu (RDC) pendant une campagne d’évangélisation conduite par le Rév. Martin Kasongo. Plus de 100 personnes ont rejoint l’Eglise Méthodiste Unie pendant cet évènement. Photo Rév. Martin Kasongo

Evangelism campaign brings more than 1,000 to Christ

As people witness to their faith in Democratic Republic of the Congo, they urge others to share the story of Jesus.
General Church

Congo United Methodists decry deadly attack on UN peacekeepers

Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda calls for peace after deadliest attack in recent memory

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