Local Church
Corn is harvested from a field next to New Hope Bethel United Methodist Church outside Leipsic, Ohio, in 2010. Allen T. Stanton, author of “Reclaiming Rural: Building Thriving Rural Congregations,” suggests the church can be a leader in economic and community development. File photo by Mike DuBose, UM News.

Don’t count out small, rural churches

While the demise of small, rural churches sometimes seems irreversible as United Methodist faithful grow older, strategies are out there to revitalize these congregations by focusing on what their communities most need.
   Beekeeper Jay Williams holds a honeybee queen from one of the hives at Williams Honey Farm in Franklin, Tenn. A worker bee from her hive came out to check on her because she smelled the queen’s pheromone. Williams, a member of Frist United Methodist Church in Franklin, says “When you’re working with these little insects and they are doing all these things, you see all this wonderment. It’s like a tap on the shoulder that, hey, there’s more than you think and celebrate it and tell as many people about it as you can.” Photo by Mike DuBose, UM News.

How sweet it is: United Methodists and bees

United Methodist apiarists say delving into the complex world of bees has deepened their faith. Find out what a colony of insects can teach us about community and our connection to the divine.
Social Concerns
The Rev. Chongho James Kim. Photo courtesy of the author.

‘Only love can drive out hate’

In the midst of a rise in violence toward the Asian community, one Korean pastor writes that agape love is “the ultimate way for us to overcome hate.”
Global Health
Camisha Henson holds her son Welles in her lap while receiving a COVID-19 vaccination from Tabitha England, RN, during a clinic at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Charlotte, N.C.

Churches get COVID-19 vaccines to thousands

Fifteen United Methodist churches in Charlotte, N.C., have launched an effort to be a trusted place for vaccinations in a community that may lack access or be hesitant.

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