Evangelism campaign brings more than 1,000 to Christ

During the past six months, more than a thousand faithful have begun attending The United Methodist Church, thanks to the work of pastors, evangelists and laypeople in eastern Congo.

Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda of the Eastern Congo Episcopal Area puts special emphasis on evangelism. During the Kivu Annual Conference sessions in Goma, the bishop said, “It's time for every person to bring another person into The United Methodist Church as this is our main mission.”

In January, the Rev. Martin Kasongo began an evangelism campaign across eastern Congo. He said that as a result, many souls were won for Christ in Tunda, Kibombo, Difuma II, Shabunda, Punia, Lubutu and Kisangani  all districts in the episcopal area.

Evangelists do not have to be theologians or pastors. They are individuals willing to share what they have seen and what they expect as people of faith. Kasongo preached in churches and other public places and broadcast his evangelism messages over local radio stations.

Alphonsine Ramazani, a young adult from Kivu, encouraged other young people to help win souls for Jesus Christ. She said that because of recent efforts, more than 457 young people have become involved in the Kivu youth group.

Kasongo said people interested in evangelizing must:

  • Receive the call of God;
  • Enter through the door (John 10:1-5) and give one's life for others (John 10:11 — “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”); and
  • Love Jesus more than others.

Adalbert Tchomba, Kivu lay leader, praised the evangelical outreach. The report to the annual conference session in June noted that more than 1,800 faithful joined the church this year, an increase over 2017. He pledged continuing support for two evangelism missions in Mwenga village and Kamituga town.

Kasongo said that with the bishop’s authorization, he intends to continue with the evangelism campaign in Ituri, Bunia, Buta and Isiro, all new provinces of the DRC.

Kituka Lolonga is a communicator in the Kivu Conference.

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