Daily Digest - March 27, 2019


Group advises where to add 5 new bishops
MANILA, Philippines (UMNS) — A United Methodist leadership body unanimously backed a plan that both changes the church’s map in Africa and adds five new bishops to the denomination’s fastest-growing region. Now the plan heads to the 2020 General Conference, which decides funding. Heather Hahn reports.
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Global Filipino movement focuses on mission
ST. LOUIS (UMNS) — The National Association of Filipino-American United Methodists has launched a global movement to assist churches in the diaspora in organizing Filipino United Methodist ministries, revitalizing existing programs and developing new leaders. Gladys Mangiduyos has the story.
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Church and Society
Activism a part of Young Clergy Forum

WASHINGTON — Attendees of this year’s Young Clergy Forum fanned out across Capitol Hill, visiting 31 Senate offices to encourage support for solutions to gun violence. The Rev. Clayton Childers reports.
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South Carolina Advocate
Rural mission on hold while new plan unfolds

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. — Linda Dingle Gadson has spent the last five decades in service to the rural poor. Since her beloved Rural Mission closed its doors, citing a “time of transition,” Gadson is holding tight to faith, counting her blessings and figuring out how she and others can continue to support the people of the Sea Islands. Jessica Brodie has the story.
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Editor’s note: United Methodist News Service includes various opinion pieces about issues in the church in the Daily Digest. These commentaries reflect a variety of viewpoints and are the opinions of the writers, not of the UMNS staff.

Opinion: A church’s lost integrity
DALLAS — The Rev. Stephen Rankin, chaplain at Southern Methodist University, argues that resistance to the decisions of the recent General Conference illustrates a loss of integrity within The United Methodist Church.
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Resistance to GC2019 spreads

‘We thank God because we are alive’


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