Daily Digest - March 25, 2020

“As the weeks drag on, I think the financial implications for families will be greater, and I think that the social isolation will be even harder to take.” — The Rev. Christine Hides, a United Methodist deacon, on the coronavirus crisis and children.


Helping children deal with COVID-19
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UM News) — Sheltering in place is confusing for children accustomed to daily contact with friends and teachers. Church leaders offer some advice on how to cope during the COVID-19 crisis. Jim Patterson reports.
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Missouri Conference
Churches sew masks for nursing homes

BUFFALO, Mo. — United Methodist churches have volunteers working to make masks for staff at the local nursing homes, which face increased risks because of COVID-19. The churches also are collecting craft projects, including Sunday school curriculum, to provide something for nursing home residents to do while restricted to their rooms. Fred Koenig has the story.
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Council of Bishops
Bishops call for prayer to end pandemic

LAKELAND, Fla. — The Council of Bishops executive committee urged all United Methodists to join other people of faith in a day of prayer on March 25, asking God to rid the world of the coronavirus pandemic. The bishops also agreed their April 29-May 1 meeting would need to be by teleconference. Read press release https://www.unitedmethodistbishops.org/newsdetail/cob-to-join-day-of-prayer-against-covid-19-sets-virtual-meeting-13537117
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Africa University
AU classes move online

MUTARE, Zimbabwe — With the Zimbabwe government's order to close all colleges and universities amid the coronavirus pandemic, Africa University is moving its teaching, learning and related activities online to ensure that students' academic progress continues uninterrupted. The United Methodist university is also working with relevant embassies to assist students from outside Zimbabwe. A number of students are facing challenges in returning to their home countries due to travel restrictions and financial constraints.
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Caucus coalition denounces term 'Chinese virus'

PLEASANTVILLE, N.J. — The five racial ethnic caucuses of The United Methodist Church denounced the use of the term “China or Chinese Virus,” for the COVID-19 virus. “The term is racially loaded and inaccurately depicts the global nature of the disease's threat and the misuse of terms in effect targets and scapegoats several ethnic groups,” the statement said.
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Connectional Table
Group postpones budget allocation work

CHICAGO — With the postponement of General Conference and the need to address a global pandemic, the Connectional Table — a United Methodist leadership body — has postponed doing new budget allocations for now. The Connectional Table is responsible for proposing allocations of the funds that support Africa University, United Methodist seminaries, the Black College Fund, ecumenical work and the work of most general agencies.
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Potential split leads to deep budget cuts


United Methodist Communications
Finding an online giving solution

MOBILE, Ala. — Finding the right tool for online giving is important, but communicating effectively about the tool is key, writes the Rev. Jeremy Steele. He offers advice on online giving.
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No travel? Not a problem for mission board

Zimbabwe church keeps diaspora connected


Thursday, April 2

Webinar: Time to create a new church financial calendar?

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