Daily Digest - February 3, 2020

“These are indeed trying moments in the history of our church in our pursuit for peace among the indigenous people in Mindanao.”Davao Area Bishop Rodolfo A. Juan on the closure of a sanctuary for Lumads in the Philippines. 


Filipino United Methodists defend Lumad sanctuary
MINDANAO, Philippines (UM News) — United Methodists were among those who opposed a resolution to close down Haran Mission Center, a sanctuary to around 500 displaced Lumads. United Methodist Bishop Rodolfo A. Juan condemned the order and a subsequent raid of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines center by a paramilitary group. Gladys P. Mangiduyos reports.
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Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
Black church leaders explore GC2020 legislation 
PHILADELPHIA — More than 600 African Americans from the Northeastern Jurisdiction were briefed on plans for the future of The United Methodist Church that will likely be considered at the 2020 General Conference. More such events are planned for February and March. John W. Coleman reports. 
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Baltimore-Washington Conference
Church helps Deaf woman’s journey to citizenship
BALTIMORE — It took a long and frustrating two years and seven months for a Deaf woman to navigate the immigration system, become a naturalized citizen of the United States, and finally sleep well at night again. Justice for Our Neighbors and the Deaf Shalom Zone — both United Methodist-supported ministries — helped the woman meet the challenges. The Rev. Emily Hart has the story. 
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South Carolina Conference
New pastor has history with island church
ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. — The Rev. Laura Canine Parrish has come full circle with her recent appointment at First United Methodist Church, Isle of Palms. As a child, she spent summers and holidays participating in activities at the church, which members of her family have attended since the 1950s. Laura Camby McCaskill reports.
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General Council on Finance and Administration
Board officers discuss impact of proposals
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The board officers of the General Council on Finance and Administration on Jan. 31 discussed the potential financial impact of various proposals related to the structure of The United Methodist Church. The officers decided that agency staff will engage various bodies on the potential impact of these proposals, including the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation.
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Plans for late-arriving GC2020 legislation 

German church proposes way to preserve connection 


Monday, Feb. 17
Webinar: Clergy — Get Smart About Your Taxes 

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