Daily Digest - August 14, 2019

"To me, this verse is God's invitation that there is a better way." — The Rev. Lynn Hill on the 2020 General Conference theme.


Biblical comparison shapes GC2020 theme
LEXINGTON, Ky. (UM News) — General Conference organizers chose "… and know that I am God" as the theme for the gathering in May. Along the way, they discovered the psalm's words and even its verse numbers vary significantly by translation. Heather Hahn has the story.
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Church helps bring dental care to rural Nigeria
BAMBUR, Nigeria (UM News) — People in remote villages in Nigeria rarely have access to dental care, and many suffer with cavities and other oral infections. To alleviate some of that suffering, The United Methodist Church in Nigeria, in partnership with the North Georgia Conference, is training community health workers to perform urgent-care dentistry. Richard Fidelis has the story.
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Baltimore-Washington Conference
New center serves city's children

BALTIMORE — As John Wesley United Methodist Church celebrates its 150th anniversary, members are very aware that the drugs, poverty and violence in the surrounding community are theirs to address. Members recently celebrated the opening of the new Agape Center, where young people can go as an alternative to the streets. Melissa Lauber reports.
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Dakotas Conference
Pilots for Christ branch launched in South Dakota

CLARK, S.D. — A ministry offering quick transportation to people urgently needing a flight has begun in South Dakota. The Rev. Mark Tracy, who serves multiple congregations in the state, headed up the effort that matches pilot volunteers and ground transportation workers with requests from members of the public. Doreen Gosmire has the story.
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World Council of Churches
Journey through division and hope in Korea

DEMILITARIZED ZONE, Korea — More than 80 youth from member churches and partners of the World Council of Churches made a pilgrimage to the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea as part of a six-day program of peace, solidarity and ecumenical engagement.
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Group drafts separation plan for denomination

Zimbabwe lay leader dead at 63


Monday, Aug. 26-Friday, Oct. 4

Online class: Spiritual disciplines for personal, parish renewal

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