North Carolina Annual Conference

Samuel Oliver-Bruno, (left) hugs his wife and son in a photo taken earlier this year. Oliver-Bruno had taken refuge in CityWell United Methodist Church in Durham, N.C., while applying to remain in the U.S. to care for his ill wife. He was arrested by ICE officials Nov. 23. Photo by Anna Carson Dewitt, courtesy of CityWell United Methodist Church.

Church extends support to deported man

A man who found sanctuary in a United Methodist church has now been deported to Mexico. The U.S. congregation is working for his return.
Social Concerns
A website set up by CityWell United Methodist Church in Durham, N.C., gives the story of Samuel Oliver-Bruno, who has been active in his church community for 12 years. After living for almost a year at the church, Oliver-Bruno, who is undocumented, was arrested on Friday, Nov. 23. Image courtesy of CityWell United Methodist Church at

Churchgoers arrested after ICE detains man

Samuel Oliver-Bruno had taken sanctuary in a United Methodist church for 11 months but was detained at an appointment with immigration officials.
Local Church
Parishioners pray for Jadon Olsen at Saint Luke United Methodist Church in Laurinburg, N.C. Photo courtesy of the Rev. William A. Olsen.

Accident puts family on 'sacred road of suffering'

After a pastor’s son was seriously injured during Hurricane Florence, the United Methodist connection surrounded the family with caring.
Disaster Relief
A tree fell on the parsonage of the Rev. Thomas M. Greener and his wife shortly after his wife came downstairs for dinner. No one was injured. The Greeners are among the thousands of people whose lives have been upended by Florence’s wreckage in the Carolinas. Photo courtesy of Thomas M. Greener.

Churchgoers pitch in amid Florence's floods

While the rains of Florence have stopped in much of the eastern Carolinas, waters are rising. Amid uncertainty, United Methodists still find ways to help.

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