Mission and Ministry
Nadi Nadi (left) and July Ling join in worship with their daughter, Eunice, 2, during a Festival of Nations celebration of World Communion Sunday at Hillcrest United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tenn. The family is part of the El Shaddai congregation that worships in Nepali. Photo by Mike DuBose, UM News.

Celebrating unity on World Communion Sunday

Hillcrest United Methodist Church’s Festival of Nations connects multicultural congregations and community through shared worship and fellowship.
Local Church
Chase Crickenberger. Photo courtesy of the author

A call to constant communion

By receiving the Lord’s Supper as often as possible, we can bring healing and grace into a church on the brink of schism.
Theology and Education
Before receiving communion, we are invited to confess and turn from a state of sin as part of the liturgy. It is only through acknowledging our sin that a process of restoration can begin. Communion elements photo by hudsoncrafted, courtesy of Pixabay; graphic by Laurens Glass, United Methodist Communications.

Ask The UMC: Why do we confess our SIN, not SINS, in communion?

What is the difference between sin and sins? United Methodists confess both before celebrating Holy Communion.
Chase Crickenberger. Photo courtesy of the author. Mr. Crickenberger's commentary appears in the Blogs and Commentaries section of Untied Methodist News.

Online communion should not be here to stay

The church would risk further marginalizing shut-ins and others by denying them a physical experience of the Body of Christ.

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