Local Church
The Rev. Lovett H. Weems Jr. Photo courtesy of Wesley Theological Seminary.

Young elder numbers hit record low

Annual clergy age study by Lewis Center confirms downward trend for United Methodist elders under 35.
Local Church
The Rev. Dr. Hyekyoung Pauline Kang. Photo courtesy of the author.

‘Build the church that we are sent to serve’

The Rev. Dr. Hyekyoung Pauline Kang recalls a time when she protested an appointment by her bishop that she felt was a bad fit. It came to be one she considered a great opportunity.
Social Concerns
The Rev. Josephine Whitely-Fields. Photo courtesy of the Rev. Josephine Whitely-Fields

Enduring racism, badgering, as a pastor

Black clergywoman persevered through obstacles at local church appointments.
The Rev. Chenda Innis Lee discusses anonymous letters criticizing her appearance that she received from among the congregation at Fairlington United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Va., where she serves as associate pastor.

Virginia church contemplates racism in the ranks

Anonymous letters criticizing the appearance of its African associate pastor have led to self-reflection for a Virginia congregation and a “Do No Harm” campaign seeking changes in The United Methodist Church.

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