Christian Year

Local Church
Dexter United Methodist Church in Dexter, Mich., plans to tell the Easter story with live animals at a city park on April 16. Last year, the church held a similar event on church property. Like many congregations, Dexter expects to draw more Easter visitors now that COVID-19 is at a low ebb. 2021 file photo courtesy of Cathy Hunter, Dexter United Methodist Church.

Churches gear up for Easter revival

Congregations prepare to celebrate Christ’s resurrection this year as COVID is at a low ebb and new research shows people’s increased interest in visiting a United Methodist church.
Theology and Education
Crowds waving palm branches process through the streets of Port-Bouet, Ivory Coast, on Passion/Palm Sunday. This joyful scene is repeated all over the country by Ivorian United Methodists and Catholics. Photo by Isaac Broune, UM News.

Ask the UMC: Why do we observe Passion/Palm Sunday?

Celebrating Passion/Palm Sunday is part of an ecumenical effort to refocus the whole season of Lent on making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
Theology and Education
United Methodists may celebrate January 1 as Watch Night, New Year, or The Holy Name of Jesus. Photo by Pexels, courtesy of Pixabay.

Ask the UMC: How may United Methodists observe Jan 1?

United Methodists have three different options for celebrating January 1.
Theology and Education
Pentecost mosaic Image by Holger Schué from Pixabay 1500

Ask The UMC: What is Pentecost?

The Christian festival of Pentecost, on the 50th day after Jesus’ resurrection, celebrates the gift the Holy Spirit and birth of the church.

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