Central Congo Episcopal Area

A Congolese student passes on a candle to his teacher as a symbol of successfully completing the Early Years of Education course at Dr. B.T. Cooper United Methodist School in Nairobi, Kenya. Of the 310 students enrolled at the school, 200 are Congolese children with refugee status. Photo by Gad Maiga, UM News.

Church school helps refugees heal

At Kenya’s Dr. B.T. Cooper United Methodist School, 200 of the 310 students are Congolese on refugee status.
Social Concerns
Bishops and leaders of different religious denominations pray while holding the Congolese flag. The Integrity and Electoral Mediation Commission, chaired by United Methodist Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda (second from right), organized a service to promote peace before, during and after the elections. Photo by Chadrack Londe, UMNS.

Church urges civility after Congo election

The United Methodist Church continues its efforts to promote peace as the Congo awaits a final decision in the presidential election.
Social Concerns
Women gather during a peace-building workshop in Rutshuru, Congo. The United Methodist Church is playing a role in mediation efforts in the Rutshuru Territory of the DRC, which has been plagued by tribal and land conflicts. Photo by Philippe Kituka Lolonga, UMNS.

Church plays role of mediator in East Congo

In a region crushed by unrest, United Methodists help resolve tribal, land and inheritance conflicts.

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