United Methodist Bishop Urges Candidates to Stop Divisive Rhetoric

Public discourse, especially in this season of presidential elections, has often deteriorated into acrimonious, disrespectful and divisive rhetoric.Such speech, in the interest of short-term political gain, will make it more difficult for the nation to unite to work together on the great challenges that face the United States and the world today.

    • Daily intercessory prayer for all candidates, voters and leaders in the U.S.
    • Urge local religious leaders and groups to develop and circulate similar calls similar to this in their communities,
    • Circulate this message as widely as possible to local, state and national leaders and candidates in the U.S.,
    • Urge the presidential and vice presidential candidates and their campaigns to commit themselves to conduct their debates, their advertisements and all their public speech in ways that honor the principles of fairness and accuracy.
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