Episcopal Elections 2016 - 2017

The United Methodist Church is divided into five areas in the United States known as jurisdictions: Northeastern, Southeastern, North Central, South Central and Western.

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Every four years the jurisdictional conferences meet to elect new bishops to serve the denomination.

The 2016 episcopal elections took place across the U.S. from July 13-16, 2016. View Ballot Results

There are seven central conferences, Africa, Central and Southern Europe, Congo, Germany, Northern Europe, Philippines, and West Africa. Details about those meetings/elections follow:

  • Africa Central Conference: Aug. 11-14 (No election)
  • Northern Europe and Eurasia Central Conference: Oct. 19-23 View Ballot Results
  • Philippines Central Conference: Nov. 28-Dec. 4 View Ballot Results
  • West Africa Central Conference: Dec. 13-16 View Ballot Results
  • Congo Central Conference: March 15 – 22, 2017.View Ballot Results
  • Central and Southern Europe Central Conference: March 8-12, 2017 (No election)
  • Germany Central Conference: March 15-19, 2017 View Ballot Results

Here’s where you can find the latest news, resources, and candidate information.

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Daily Digest - November 13, 2019

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