Daily Digest: September 5, 2014

“Imagine walking 50 kilometers to see a doctor, only to be told the doctor is not in. Walk home another 50 kilometers and come back tomorrow, maybe the doctor will be available then.”
– Priscilla Muzerengwa.

Text messaging can be life-saving
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) — If you have been without water for three days, a text message from a United Methodist pastor that the church has safe water is life-saving. That is just one example Priscilla Muzerengwa gave of how she has used Frontline SMS, a free texting program, in Zimbabwe. She spoke at the Game Changers Summit 2014 hosted by United Methodist Communications.

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Read full coverage of Game Changers Summit
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) — See full coverage of the Game Changers Summit, including news stories, photos and presentations by speakers and panelists.

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Providing ministry to women, children in Serbia
ZURICH (UMNS) — The office of Bishop Patrick Streiff, Central and Southern Europe, reports on a successful children’s camp and women’s retreat in Serbia.

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Keep kids safe, religious leaders tell Obama
WASHINGTON (UMNS) — Forty U.S. interfaith leaders sent a brief message to President Obama this week urging him to remember the safety of children and families as his administration makes decisions about immigration. United Methodist signers included the Rev. John McCullough, Church World Service; the Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe, United Methodist Board of Church and Society; Jim Winkler, National Council of Churches; and Los Angeles Area Bishop Minerva Carcaño.

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How to nurture kids in a diverse world
WASHINGTON (UMNS) — The United Methodist Commission on Religion and Race offers guidance for parents and church leaders for when children ask them about racial, ethnic or gender differences.

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Extreme makeover for Wesley Foundation
ORANGEBURG, S.C. (UMNS) — One clergy covenant group put its collective energies to good use over the summer, tackling a daylong full-scale makeover for the Orangeburg Wesley Foundation’s facility. Jessica Conner reports in the South Carolina Advocate.

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