Daily Digest: October 1, 2014

“We are praying for peace in the community but also understanding from the government and proper dialogue with Beijing.” - The Rev. Howard Mellor, pastor of the Methodist International Church, about the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Methodists call for calm

HONG KONG (UMNS) — The Rev. Tin-Yau Yuen, president of the Methodist Church in Hong Kong, has called for the government to “keep calm and not to abuse force” in the wake of continuing protests, reports the Rev. Howard Mellor, pastor of the Methodist International Church there. The Chinese Methodist Church in Wan Chai has become “a place of sanctuary” for protestors, he added.

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Academy marks 10 years shaping young Hispanic/Latino leaders

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) – The Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy has become a United Methodist leadership initiative that provides an intensive summer leadership academy and long-term mentoring and guidance around topics of higher education, Hispanic/Latino identity, God’s calling and United Methodist studies.

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Two conferences ponder merger

DENVER (UMNS) — Leaders of the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone Conferences received a task force recommendation this week to enter into a serious conversation about merging. Mountain Sky Area Bishop Elaine J. W. Stanovsky explains the process to consider a merger. The two conferences include about 400 churches.

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Religion and Race fosters intercultural competency

WASHINGTON (UMNS) — Members of the United Methodist Commission on Religion and Race's board of directors and their guests engaged in conversations on specific resources and support the commission can provide to help The United Methodist Church reach more people, younger people and more diverse people.

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New pastor, merger offer hope for historic Dallas church

DALLAS (UMNS) — St. Paul United Methodist Church is one of the oldest African-American churches in Dallas, and it's in a historic, recently restored building. But the congregation has dwindled as African Americans have moved from the downtown area. Now a new pastor is offering hope, in part because he's bringing along the congregation from an interdenominational church he started. James Ragland, a columnist for The Dallas Morning News, reports on this creative merger and appointment in the North Texas Conference.

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Church in Vallejos still assessing earthquake damage

VALLEJOS, Calif. (UMNS) — Scaffolding now surrounds much of the First United Methodist Church as repairs continue for damage from the Aug. 24 earthquake. The full extent of the damage is still being assessed, reports the Vallejos Times-Herald.

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