Daily Digest - April 11, 2019

“It breaks my heart to see such a beautiful church as the United Methodist turn more into the Divided Methodist, because of a decision that honestly shouldn’t have even been brought to question. My wish for the future is just that we remain The United Methodist Church.”Jacob Nunn, a supporter of the Traditional Plan and member of Out of the Box Worship Center, a United Methodist church in Hillsville, Virginia.


Outcome of General Conference bittersweet

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) — United Methodists who supported the Traditional Plan say the General Conference vote was the best way forward, but added that it’s not a time for celebration. Instead, they said, it is a time to let people know everyone is welcome in the church. Kathy L. Gilbert reports. 
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West Ohio Conference
Grandma ministers to prisoners

WORTHINGTON, Ohio — Betty Wiechert estimates she has baked and delivered more than 2,100 cookies to the inmates at Noble Correctional Center in Caldwell in the past 12 years. And at 99, "Grandma Betty" is still at it. Her new project will provide mentors to inmates at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville. Kay Panovec has the story.
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North Texas Conference 
ʽGrub and Grace’ pulls in young adults

ARCHER CITY, Texas — Grub and Grace is a ministry of First United Methodist Church of Archer City that brings young adults together for a monthly meal. A North Texas Conference micro-grant helped get things going. One plus: A chef in the church has prepared meals and done cooking demonstrations.
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United Methodist Communications
Take the United Methodist Holy Week Quiz

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMC.org) — What do palm branches symbolize on Palm Sunday? What are the Stations of the Cross? Test your Holy Week knowledge with this United Methodist online quiz.
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Leaders pursue plan for new US structure

Church takes reins at Hanwa Mission School


Monday, April 22-Monday, May 13

Online class on mentoring young people

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