UM News Ethics Policy

Ethical communication — including gathering and reporting information – is essential to the credibility of UM News.

UM News emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior in every aspect of our work. We commit to:

  • Acting with honesty, transparency and integrity in providing the news. We embrace the high standards of ethical journalism as embodied in the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.
  • Presenting information in a fair and balanced way. We report all sides of an issue and strive to avoid bias.
  • Recognizing that a relationship with a source is a position of trust. We are fair and responsible in how we treat sources, and we keep our promises.
  • Understanding how the information we are providing could be interpreted. We avoid exaggerating or sensationalizing the news in an effort to create an exciting story.
  • Ensuring the reliability of the information we provide. We don’t make assumptions and we don’t force our audience to make assumptions.
  • Providing context to help the audience fully understand what is being reported.
  • Correcting mistakes promptly.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest. We also disclose any potential linkage between UM News and the subject of our reporting.

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